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meet amanda & matt June 21 2017

pearhead love feature
Usually love stories start out with the guy chasing the girl, but not in this one. Amanda saw Matt walking near the baseball field outside of her school one summer day. She was instantly drawn to him; his looks, his demeanor, everything! She told all of her friends to give her until September and they would be dating. August came and went, and Amanda was starting to wonder where her mystery man has gone. So she asked around and found out he transferred schools. She then decided to find him online and sent him a message. Two weeks later they went on their first date and October 12, 2011 they made it official. Crazy in love and 15, these two were inseparable. While they faced many challenges being so young and in love, they overcame everything. Today, this couple has two adorable little boys and this October will be their 6th year anniversary. In those 6 years these two have made a gorgeous family, have grown together, matured together, and made a lifetime of memories. Their love is truly irreplaceable. 

meet edith & rodrigo June 14 2017

Pearhead love feature

Edith and Rodrigo first met back in grade school. While they had the same class together, they never spoke. They then went on to high school and still never spoke. Years went by and a friend of Edith's invited her to dinner. Rodrigo also got the invite. He sat next to Edith but wouldn't look at her or really talk so she was taken back as he said "goodbye" with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Days went by and Rodrigo found Edith on Facebook. He messaged Edith asking if she wanted to go on an outing with his friends. After that, the couple hung out every day. He was so different than anyone Edith had ever dated. After dating for 3 years Rodrigo asked Edith to marry him on 6/22/2013. It was her Birthday. Rodrigo gave Edith a present and it was a picture frame with the couple from the movie "Up". He told her to turn it around and there was a date on it which said "8/2/2014," which was confusing because it was a future date. When Edith looked over at Rodrigo, he was opening a small silver box with a ring inside. He said that that was their wedding date and of course she said yes! Since then they couple has become parents to a beautiful baby boy and are homeowners. Edith always tells Rodrigo that they would have been together a long time if they just spoke at grade school, but Rodrigo says that "it wasn't time yet and everything happens when it's supposed to."

meet ashley & josh June 07 2017

pearhead love feature

This is just your typical, 21st century boy meets girl love store. You know the one where Boy (Josh) sees beautiful girl (Ashley) online. Boy writes sweet message to girl. Girl likes boy’s cute message and adorable smile. Girl and boy exchange nice messages. Boy suggests meeting for ice cream (girl’s favorite!). Girl disappears. Months pass by. Boy messages girl again even though he knows that’s silly. Girl sends back nice messages. Boy suggests meeting. Girl disappears. Boy gives up. Months pass by. Boy gets middle of night message saying girl thinks his profile is 5 out of 5 stars. Boy is very confused. Boy sends message to girl wondering if they will ever meet for ice cream. Girl says “yes, IN 4 hours”. Boy and girl have ice cream in the rain late March 2015.  Boy and Girl go out for dinner. Days pass. Boy makes Girl homemade lava cakes. Girl is very impressed. Boy and Girl spend lots of time together. Boy and Girl spend lots and lots of time together. Boy and Girl take a trip to New England in the Fall and both realize to themselves that they are going to get married someday because they are super in love.  They move in together March 2016. Boy proposes a year later and Girl says yes! Ashley and Josh got married on June 3, 2017 at President Lincoln's Cottage! 

Follow their hashtag to see more of their wedding pictures and love story #OhmyJoshweareAshleygettingmarried!


meet gio the standard poodle March 29 2017

pearhead pet feature

Welcome to Pearhead's pet feature month! Every week this month we will be featuring a different adorable pet.

Pearhead is so excited to feature Gio for this week!

One of Gio's favorite things to do is go shopping with his pawrents at one of the local outdoor malls in his hometown of Austin, Texas.  He loves posing for the camera. In fact, he's pretty famous and gets his picture taken by his fans when he's out on the town. His favorite is when bachelorette parties ask to take pictures with him, one dude and lots of ladies! Gio also loves his big sister Phoebe. He looks up to her for navigating as he moves from puppyhood to adolescence. When he's not posing for pictures, you can find Gio munching on his favorite treats, including cheese and lettuce. Gio is soft like a cotton ball, is as gentle as can be, and brings smiles to everyone's faces. And, now that he has just turned 1 year old, he's excited about being enrolled in a canine good citizen training to get registered as a certified therapy dog. He wants to continue to bring smiles to people's faces- especially those who need it most!

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meet zuri the berniedoodle March 22 2017

Pearhead Pet Feature

Welcome to Pearhead's pet feature month! Every week this month we will be featuring a different adorable pet.

Pearhead is so excited to feature Zuri for this week!

Zuri is the cutest bernese mountain dog and miniature poodle, aka bernedoodle, around! She is a little over a year old and just over 30 pounds.  Sometimes her mom likes to call her, Z, ZurFamous, Poodley, or Miss Poodles. Zuri absolutely loves the beach, and mom loves to get all that sand out of her hair once they're done playing! :) She is super cuddly, sweet, goofy, and playful.  Her favorite things to do include, face stomping mom, digging holes, doing mountain doggie things, and of course, socks! In 2017 Zuri has big dreams. She wants to become registered as a therapy dog and volunteer at the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles! She also would like to continue doodlin'! 

meet strider the maine coon cat March 15 2017

pearhead pet feature

Welcome to Pearhead's pet feature month! Every week this month we will be featuring a different adorable pet.

Pearhead is so excited to feature Strider for this week!

Get to know Strider and his story:

Strider is a lovable, almost-six year old, Maine Coon cat. This means hes a big cat, not a fat cat! Besides sleeping a lot, he doesn't really act like a cat. He acts like a dog, playing with hair-ties and moving his toy mice all around the house. When mom comes home, she always finds the mice in different places! He love to drink water out of the sink and push things off tables. He especially loves pushing full cups of water off the table! He is a stubborn cat because he won't do something we doesn't want to do. For instance, he's not a fan of car rides. If you try to take him in the car he will hide under the bed for hours! Strider is above anything else, loving! He is the first one to greet you at the door and the first one to wake you up at 5 am! 

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meet zoe the miniature dachshund March 08 2017

Pearhead Pet Feature

Welcome to Pearhead's pet feature month! Every week this month we will be featuring a different adorable pet.

Pearhead is so excited to feature Zoe for this week!

Get to know zoe and her incredible story:

Zoe is a miniature dachshund living in NYC. She loves love and loves kisses. Zoe is one tough pup. Zoe was the tiny one in the litter. After her mommy flew her to her forever home in NYC, the vet told her she was underweight. She weighed 1 pound. The doctors were worried because you could see her ribs and she was just too delicate to survive. She tested positive for Giardia and hypothyroidism, making her very weak and fragile. After a few months of medication and a healthy diet, Zoe started to gain weight. She also went back to the vet and tested negative on all tests!  

Now Zoe is 5 months old and getting healthier every day. She spends her days at home chewing and destroying toys along with her big sister. Zoe loves belly rubs and will get on her back and expect you to give her some. 

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meet marnie the golden lab March 01 2017

Pearhead's March Pet Feature

Welcome to Pearhead's pet feature month! Every week this month we will be featuring a different adorable pet.

Pearhead is so excited to feature Marnie for this week!

Get to know Marnie:

Marnie is a 2 ½ year old golden lab with an enormous heart!  She spends her days guarding her parent’s apartment, napping, and harboring enough energy to knock someone over when she sees them; with love, of course. Marnie loves hiding and protecting bones but will never forget where she puts them, much to her parent’s surprise. She even knows how to get ice cubes out of the refrigerator door! Marnie spends her summers in Keyport, NJ and the bark park and her winter’s digging holes in the snow. If you ever had the fortune of meeting this pretty lady, she will greet you with a smile, a furry hug, and a big kiss!

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