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If you are recently engaged or planning nuptials this post is for you! After you've had time to celebrate and pop all the bubbly, it is time to start planning all the details of your big day. There are so many details that go into a wedding. From the big details like location, the dress, photographer, and food to the little details that make up a wedding like the flowers, decor, and playlist, there is so much to keep track of. I remember feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to even start, let alone how to keep organized during the planning process.
This is where Pearhead comes in. We've designed a beautiful bridal wedding organizer to help with all of your wedding planning needs. Filled with pages for every detail, including budget specific pages and extra pages for notes, every detail of your big day is accounted for with this organizer. Having planned a wedding myself, I am excited to share some of my favorite features of this bridal organizer in hopes that it helps make the time leading up to your wedding day enjoyable, and organized! 

plan your wedding with Pearhead's bridal organizer 


favorite features of the bridal organizer

bridal organizer has a luxe linen cover, and 3-ring binder style
The first thing that stood out to me about this bridal organizer was the large size, and durable linen cover. This organizer has enough space and pages to keep you well organized throughout the planning process. I also love that the bridal organizer is binder style, featuring 3 rings that open so you can add more pages if needed.
budgeting section 
Planning a wedding really cannot begin until you've set a budget. The budgeting section of this bridal organizer contains multiple pages detailing all the expenses you need to consider when planning your nuptials. The detail in this budgeting section will help you stay on track and plan the wedding of your dreams.

checklist with timeline leading up to wedding
Who doesn't love a good checklist? If you are a timeline and to-do list type of bride, the checklist section will be your favorite part of the bridal organizer. So many small details go into planning wedding. It can be overwhelming to know where and when to start. I love that this checklist section is organized by timeline starting from six to nine months out from the wedding day all the way to the day itself. 


As you plan your wedding, do not forget to stop and enjoy the process. Soon, your big day will be here and all of the stress and effort that went into planning will be well worth it. If you use this bridal organizer to help plan your wedding, don't forget to tag Pearhead on social media and take us along! 


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