family Thanksgiving activity: create family memories with the gratitude jar

As we approach Thanksgiving, your holiday plans may look a little different (or socially distant), but the message of gratitude and thankfulness is more present than ever. Celebrate Thanksgiving with your family by spending some time reminiscing together over this year's most cherished memories, and moments to be thankful for. 


family Thanksgiving activity with Pearhead's gratitude memory jar

After your Thanksgiving meal is served, spend some extra time together at the table and use Pearhead's gratitude jar as a conversation starter. Take turns jotting down your favorite memories from this year, or make a special note about something you are extra thankful for on one of the included notecards. Pass the ceramic jar around the table and share what you wrote as you add your card to the jar. Who knows where the conversation will go as each person shares their favorite memory! 

Make this family Thanksgiving activity part of your tradition each year. Next year, when you get out the memory jar, you can read through notes from the previous year. Think of this as your own mini time capsule! If you cannot physically be with your family, this activity is the perfect way to make a video call more personal. Ask a family members to share favorite memories of the year, or what they are thankful for and jot down their response on the notecards. You'll feel like you are in the same room together even if you are miles apart. 


The gratitude memory jar also makes a thoughtful gift this holiday season. The jar can be used year round to capture special memories, or set out during special events for guests to write well wishes. There are no limits for the special moments you can preserve by using this keepsake jar!


Share with us! Show us how you put the memory jar to use this Thanksgiving season and beyond.


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