DIY keepsake Christmas ornaments

The holiday season is such a magical time. Around the holidays it is always nice to pause and reflect on all that has taken place over the last year. Each holiday season brings its own share of special memories. You may be celebrating your first holiday as a married couple, cherishing baby's first Christmas, or celebrating a first Christmas as a pet owner!  A thoughtful ornament to hang on your Christmas tree is the perfect keepsake to commemorate the milestones you have reached this year. Pearhead offers a variety of keepsake ornaments that will help you do just that! Even better...these ornaments have an element of "do it yourself," allowing you to truly create a custom keepsake to cherish for years to come.


favorite DIY keepsake Christmas ornaments to celebrate milestones 

baby's first Christmas

You'll want to cherish memories of baby's first Christmas forever. These DIY ornament kits will help you preserve baby's precious little prints for years to come. If you have someone in your life who welcomed a new baby this year, these thoughtful ornaments will make the perfect gift for them. 
Baby's print and photo ornament allows you to display baby's photo on one side and their sweet print on the other. This ornament kit includes everything you need to make baby's hand or footprint. 
This rustic wooden ornament comes with non-toxic white paint so you can add baby's hand or footprint to one side of the ornament, and a marker to write in baby's name and date on the other. Cherish baby's first Christmas for years to come with this adorable wooden keepsake ornament. 

The babyprints clay ornament keepsake is classic and timeless. Complete with festive red ribbon, the DIY ornament kit comes with mess free impression material that requires no mixing or baking. This easy to use kit is a great holiday gift for any new parents. If you are celebrating a first holiday season with baby, consider gifting thoughtful babyprint keepsake ornaments to grandparents!

DIY keepsake ornaments for pets

Our pets are such a special part of the family. Celebrate your love for your pet by making your own keepsake ornament with their photo or pawprint! If you have some pet lovers on your holiday shopping list, these ornament kits for pets are such a thoughtful gift. 
This easy to use pet pawprint ornament kit will help you create the perfect pawprint ornament to celebrate your pet this season! I recently made a pawprint ornament with my pup's little paw, and it is so cute to walk by our Christmas tree and see his pawprint impression on display. 
Have a favorite photo of your pet? Give your pet a place to shine on your Christmas tree with this pet photo ornament! If you have a friend or family member who recently lost their beloved pet, consider gifting them the ornament complete with a cherished photo.

your first Christmas as a married couple

I will always remember our first Christmas as a married couple. We were gifted thoughtful keepsake ornaments to commemorate the year, like these DIY wedding ornaments. Every year, I enjoy unpacking these treasures and hanging them on our tree. 

If you are celebrating your first Christmas as a married couple, these DIY ornament kits make for a fun activity you can do together. Create a clay impression of each of your thumbprints, or ink impressions on this ball ornament.


customize a holiday message

Create a holiday message unique to you every year with this creative letterboard ornament. This is my personal favorite "DIY" ornament as it allows you to customize the message specific to the milestone you are celebrating that year. How fun would it be to gift a letterboard ornament to friends and family and leave them a special, unique holiday greeting?!


Pearhead offers a customizable ornament for any milestone you are celebrating this year. As you unpack these DIY ornaments each year, you will be flooded with fond memories from past Christmases. If you are looking for a heartfelt gift that can double as a DIY activity, start with any of these suggestions! For more holiday inspiration be sure to check out these posts:
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