gifts to welcome a new baby

At Pearhead we believe in celebrating all of life's special moments. Welcoming a new baby certainly calls for a celebration! In recent years, I have had the blessing of watching many close loved ones and friends become parents. From the anticipation of baby, to baby's big arrival it is always so fun to see how those around me welcome and celebrate a new baby. After chatting with some of my new mom friends about their favorite gifts to welcome baby, I started noticing a theme with each of the keepsakes they gave mention to. In welcoming a new baby, the most treasured gifts help new parents remember their baby's arrival, highlight updates with friends and family, and document baby's milestones.


Using feedback from new parents I've put together a list of gifts to welcome baby. Over the years, I have gifted many of these keepsakes to friends and family. I love the idea of gifting something to help new parents welcome baby and document the precious moments as baby changes so quickly. If you are expecting or want to shower a loved one who is anticipating a little one of their own, check out these gift and keepsake ideas.

thoughtful gifts for moms to be: gift ideas to

welcome a new baby

gifts to remember baby's arrival 

Something about a fresh baby handprint just brings an instant smile. The mommas in my life have all concurred that making baby's hand and footprint is a cherished right of passage for new parents. I often gift these printmaking options to expecting parents as an add on to their baby shower gift. Adding a simple keepsake like this is a sweet way to add a personal touch to your gift. 

A clean touch ink pad makes a great baby gift. New parents will love making baby's hand or foot print

Gift-giving tips: Add a clean touch ink pad or babyprints keepsake as an add on to personalize a baby gift. These days it's all about essentials, right? Put together a gift of baby essentials like wipes, diaper cream, and burp cloths. Then, add one of these printmaking keepsakes to the gift for a sweet touch. 
Tip for new parents: If you are expecting a little one of your own and are unsure of when family can meet the little one, use an ink pad kit or clay keepsake tin to capture babies print and send to excited grandparents, aunts and uncles! If you are crafty, you could even make baby's print with a clean-touch ink pad and include in a sweet handmade card or add a photo of the new baby for loved ones to get to "meet" them from afar.


photosharing keepsakes to highlight baby's updates and milestones

Now more than ever, we are keeping in touch with loved ones digitally. I know we would all rather see the sweet little ones in our life up close and personal, but until then, the photosharing updates are happy news I love to see pop up in my newsfeed! 

Creative keepsakes like a letterboard or baby age blocks make the cutest gifts parents will love to use month after month from announcing baby's debut to sharing baby's firsts! 

Age block tip for new parents: Pearhead age blocks include numbers between 0-9, with two 0’s, two number 1 blocks, and two number 2 blocks. While this variety makes most number combinations possible, some may not be. For example, if you are wanting to share when baby is "33 weeks old," you will need to get creative! Take this as a fun opportunity to DIY and show your baby's personality. Try creating your own number to add to the blocks featuring a color baby is attracted to. Or get really wild and make a number out of baby's favorite food! The wood finished and sanded blocks will probably be scooped up by baby's curious hands anyway, so you might as well make it fun!


Gift-giving tips: Make it personal! If you are needing to send a gift in the mail or drop it off via doorstep, use a letterboard to write the expecting mom a message to welcome baby. Carefully unpackage the letterboard, craft your message for baby, and wrap up the sweet gift - don't forget to include the spare letters and numbers so mom can use her gift to share baby updates!
Tip for new parents: Keep your letterboard and photo sharing gifts on deck! Post a picture to announce baby's arrival with all the stats family and friends want to know: baby's name, weight/height, and date of birth! As the baby grows, use items like the wooden age blocks to share monthly milestones on social media. Snap a picture with baby next to a letterboard detailing a special milestone. Add your photo to the baby book or mail to grandma.

gift ideas to document baby's story

Some memories are too precious and meant to be preserved on pages. A baby book is a thoughtful keepsake that parents and baby will cherish for years to come. I have memories flipping through my baby book as a kid and seeing photos from my early days. Like flipping through an old photo album, it gives me all the nostalgia feels to see my birth story and special photos preserved. Because I know how sentimental these early year memories can be, I love gifting a baby memory book to expecting parents.

Gift-giving tips: Make it easy for a new mom to fill out her baby book. Wrap up the keepsake book with some markers or pens and double-sided tape so mom can have all the tools she needs to fill in baby's milestones, and easily add photos to the inside pages.

Idea for a new baby gift: wrap up a baby keepsake book with some markers and pens for new parents to use while filling out baby's memory book! 

Tip for new parents: Finding yourself with more time at home? Use extra time at home to start filling out your baby book. Set time aside as the baby enters each new milestone. Work through the first pages of your pregnancy and baby shower memories during your last trimester. After the baby is here, pour yourself a drink (when appropriate of course), and set aside time at the end of each month to document baby's milestones. Set your keepsake book out at baby's first birthday so you can look back and see how far you've all come!
Gift idea to welcome new baby: use a letterboard to create a message for new baby, wrap up in a gift basket with other keepsakes and baby essentials.

You cannot go wrong with any of these thoughtful gifts to welcome a new baby.  I love seeing the joyful reaction each time I gift one of these keepsakes to an expecting parent in my life. It brings an even bigger smile to my face when I see these keepsakes being put to use after baby has arrived. If you have received any of these thoughtful Pearhead baby gifts, don't forget to tag us on Instagram @pearheadinc and show off how you're putting the creative keepsakes to use!