dog walking favorites featuring a must-have water bottle for any dog owner

Picture this, you and the pup all laced up and ready to go on a nice relaxing walk. Tail is wagging, the sun is shining, but do you have all of the important dog walking essentials? Walk prepared and keep your pup hydrated with these handy dog walking favorites!


dog walking essentials

Dog water bottle with built-in dish

Pups love nothing more than a nice long walk! If you are walking your dog for any long-distance, especially during warmer temps, it's important to bring along some H2O. However, between juggling the leash, poop bags, your keys, and waving at your neighbors it can be hard to handle bringing a water bottle and drinking dish too. Enter, this clever pet water bottle with a built-in a collapsable bowl.


Why your pup needs this portable pet water bottle...

You can easily clip this reusable water bottle to your leash, allowing you to keep a free hand and walk fido with ease. 

This portable pet water bottle comes with an attached water dish. The dispenser style bottle makes it easy to give your pup a mid-walk refreshment. 

The pet water bottle comes in two different sizes: 12 oz for your small to medium pups and 17 oz for bigger dogs, or longer walks! Every dog owner knows that walking your pup is an important part of their health. By regularly walking your dog you are helping to improve their overall health, decrease stress and boredom, and providing them with special bonding time. Make sure nothing stands in the way of a good walk and grab the pet water bottle available in a monthly Pupbox!


Other important dog-walking necessities

Clean up! Be prepared with poop bags & hand sanitizer

This one speaks for itself. My pup and I never leave the house without some bags to clean up. Ah, the joys that come with owning a dog. Our friends at Ubbi make these On The Go Bag Dispensers that can be used for cleaning up after your pet.  At this point, hand sanitizer is an everyday essential. Keep your hands clean in between cleanups and come prepared with a travel size bottle of hand sanitizer or wipes.


Walk with ease

To make your walks easier, find a harness that fits your dog comfortably and a leash that is both easy to hold and features a ring to easily clip accessories like your dog water bottle or poop bag holder. I have found from experience, that my dog pulls less on our walks when he is wearing his harness, making walk time much more enjoyable for us both. 


A ball or toy

If you have an adventurous pup, don't forget to bring a ball or toy you can play fetch with. If you have a dog with endless energy (like mine), stock up on some pet toys for the home too!  When the walking is done or in between walks keep your dog occupied with one of Pearhead's cleverly themed pet toys. 


Happy walking! Don't forget to tag us on Instagram if you and your pup use any of our pet products. 

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