creative ways to turn memories into keepsakes

Behind every memory, is a story. Think back on your most treasured memories. Maybe it's a special summer day spent with a grandparent or the first time you brought a new pet home. Without even realizing it, these little instants in life become cherished memories. Wouldn't it be nice if you could preserve a piece of those special times with a keepsake? Use these creative DIY inspired ideas to turn your memories into a cherished memento. With many of us spending more time at home this summer, it is the perfect opportunity to slow down and create a keepsake with those who matter the most. Now, when you look back at the memories you are making you will have a keepsake to help tell the story.

turning memories into mementos: creative things to do with some of Pearhead's keepsakes

create a keepsake print

If you have little ones at home (fur babies count too), creating an impression of their hand, foot, or paw is the perfect way to document this stage in life. Pearhead offers several options for creating print keepsakes, from non-toxic ink to safe, no baking required clay impression kits. There are plenty of ways to personalize a keepsake print. 


Use a clean-touch ink pad to create a print of your baby's hand or foot (this works for pets too). After making your print add it to a keepsake frame or store it in a scrapbook. You can decorate the page with colorful memories and details highlighting this time.


With the babyprint or pawprint clay keepsake kit, you'll have everything you need to create a forever keepsake. Personalize your clay after making the print! After letting your impression dry for 24-48 hours, you can add your own personal touch to the keepsake by painting it a favorite color or adding the included ribbon to showcase your print. 



clean-touch ink pad tips:
  • The clean-touch ink pads are best suited for newborns, or new pets as the ink pads measure 2.25” W x 3.5” H.
  • Both the baby clean-touch ink pad and the pet-clean touch ink pad can be used interchangeably on either your human or fur child!
  • The clean-touch ink pads are non-toxic and safe for babies and pets
  • It is recommended that each clean-touch ink pad is good for 2x use
clay keepsake tips:

frame special memories

While we are spending more time than ever at home, now is the perfect time to frame up some memories! Pearhead offers several keepsake frames, but here are two creative ways to use these frames to double as a family activity. 


Personalize the artwork frame with family mementos and photographs from your favorite time, or season. I love to hang onto ticket stubs and postcards from my travels. Using the artwork frame, I was able to easily create a personalized keepsake to help commemorate our travels.

artwork frame tips: 
  • Get the whole family involved! Ask the kids to collect a small token from their summer. It can be a map of a park you visit, a favorite photo, or a postcard. At the end of the summer, have fun framing all of your memories.
  • It's easy to change out the display of your artwork frame. Simply slide the plexiglass covering out of the frame, and separate the two pieces to remove previous artwork. Replace the contents with a new photo, artwork, or other items to frame.


Looking for a fun activity to do as a family? Occupy some time at home and create this family handprint keepsake together. After you create your handprints, personalize the artwork with your names, or the date so you can always look back and remember this time. 

 family diy frame tips:
  • the family handprint frame comes with four colors of non-toxic tempera paint. The paint included is safe for all family members, baby included!
  • you'll also receive an included marker to personalize your artwork

DIY family memory book

Growing up I loved to flip through the photo albums my mom would put together. We had albums for every stage of life, from birth to vacations and school highlights. Use the extra time you have at home this summer to put together a thoughtful family memory book using one of Pearhead's photo albums. You can get creative and have the kids assigned to their own pages from vacations to BBQs. Personalize the space next to each photo and provide detail about the memory documenting where you were, what you were celebrating, and who was there. Years from now you'll love looking back at your family memory book.


photo album tips:
  • Pearhead photo albums hold up to 208 4x6 inch photos and have space to write details next to each photo slot
  • The albums have 104 pages
  • There is a space to display a 3x3 inch photo on the cover of the album or personalize that space with the title of your family album
I hope you are inspired by these DIY ideas and can find time to make a special memory with your loved ones. In addition to serving as a fun family activity, many of these ideas can also be used as thoughtful gifts! Wrap up a family handprint frame and gift to Dad on his birthday, or surprise Grandma with a babyprint clay keepsake she's sure to cherish for years to come.


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