all about baby chalkboard

$ 29.95

BBB exclusive

Track your growing baby, and share with your family and friends with our all about baby chalkboard. This fun and customizable chalkboard is the perfect way to announce baby's favorites, likes, dislikes, height, weight. Chalkboard includes colorful sections to easily customize with your baby's favorites. Includes chalkboard and 6 pieces of colored chalk. Snap a picture next to chalkboard and post! #pearhead #mylittlepearhead

  • Track baby's age every month with this customizable chalkboard
  • Includes chalkboard and 6 pieces of colored chalk to easily customize from month to month
  • Fill in baby's name, height, weight, age, loves, favorites, and what baby can do
  • Snap a photo next to chalkboard and share with family and friends
  • Use the hashtags #pearhead and #mylittlepearhead for a chance to be featured on our social feeds

Packaging Dimensions: 18.19" L x 22.69" W x 1.13" D
Chalkboard Dimensions: 18" L x 22" W x .13" D

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