meet zoe the miniature dachshund March 08 2017

Pearhead Pet Feature

Welcome to Pearhead's pet feature month! Every week this month we will be featuring a different adorable pet.

Pearhead is so excited to feature Zoe for this week!

Get to know zoe and her incredible story:

Zoe is a miniature dachshund living in NYC. She loves love and loves kisses. Zoe is one tough pup. Zoe was the tiny one in the litter. After her mommy flew her to her forever home in NYC, the vet told her she was underweight. She weighed 1 pound. The doctors were worried because you could see her ribs and she was just too delicate to survive. She tested positive for Giardia and hypothyroidism, making her very weak and fragile. After a few months of medication and a healthy diet, Zoe started to gain weight. She also went back to the vet and tested negative on all tests!  

Now Zoe is 5 months old and getting healthier every day. She spends her days at home chewing and destroying toys along with her big sister. Zoe loves belly rubs and will get on her back and expect you to give her some. 

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