meet strider the maine coon cat March 15 2017

pearhead pet feature

Welcome to Pearhead's pet feature month! Every week this month we will be featuring a different adorable pet.

Pearhead is so excited to feature Strider for this week!

Get to know Strider and his story:

Strider is a lovable, almost-six year old, Maine Coon cat. This means hes a big cat, not a fat cat! Besides sleeping a lot, he doesn't really act like a cat. He acts like a dog, playing with hair-ties and moving his toy mice all around the house. When mom comes home, she always finds the mice in different places! He love to drink water out of the sink and push things off tables. He especially loves pushing full cups of water off the table! He is a stubborn cat because he won't do something we doesn't want to do. For instance, he's not a fan of car rides. If you try to take him in the car he will hide under the bed for hours! Strider is above anything else, loving! He is the first one to greet you at the door and the first one to wake you up at 5 am! 

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