meet gio the standard poodle March 29 2017

pearhead pet feature

Welcome to Pearhead's pet feature month! Every week this month we will be featuring a different adorable pet.

Pearhead is so excited to feature Gio for this week!

One of Gio's favorite things to do is go shopping with his pawrents at one of the local outdoor malls in his hometown of Austin, Texas.  He loves posing for the camera. In fact, he's pretty famous and gets his picture taken by his fans when he's out on the town. His favorite is when bachelorette parties ask to take pictures with him, one dude and lots of ladies! Gio also loves his big sister Phoebe. He looks up to her for navigating as he moves from puppyhood to adolescence. When he's not posing for pictures, you can find Gio munching on his favorite treats, including cheese and lettuce. Gio is soft like a cotton ball, is as gentle as can be, and brings smiles to everyone's faces. And, now that he has just turned 1 year old, he's excited about being enrolled in a canine good citizen training to get registered as a certified therapy dog. He wants to continue to bring smiles to people's faces- especially those who need it most!

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